What Is Roaring Tulips Press?

As the scope of publishing has changed over the past handful of years, Roaring Tulips Press came together with one question in mind: why do small presses not get enough love? Aspiring writers undoubtedly know about the “Big Five” publishing houses that have dominated the literary scene over the past few decades. With the way that self and independent publishing have become more accessible to writers everywhere, smaller has proved itself to be just as good of an option as traditional publishing for authors in search of a home for their work. Sometimes, an even better option!

Thus, Roaring Tulips Press was born from a group of authors, chatting together one August afternoon about the state of publishing, how all they wanted to do was publish their works and their friends’ works, all under one logo. They spoke about how they wanted to share stories that might not get love otherwise in the highly competitive world of traditional publishing, and how they wanted to create and share their works with their community. If there’s one trope we here at RT love, it’s found family and community!

Our mantra is “Small, Smart, and Spectacular.” We know we aren’t as huge as one of the Big Five, but in our current publishing landscape, that’s a benefit! We hope to take on projects that we feel passionately about and truly believe in, giving each book and collection the love and care it needs to be successful. All the writers, editors, and collaborative members at RT are joint partners in the creative process of a project. We also hope to maintain some of the benefits of self publishing, such as leaving ultimate control of a project up to the author at the helm. As we move forward into the future, we hope to solidify what that means, especially in a financial sense.

With “small” being the operative word, we are looking to keep our writer base limited for the time being. But fear not! There have been talks on the horizon about taking on outside projects in the future and expanding our author base! We would like to get our feet underneath us first and establish ourselves before accepting such an undertaking. We want to make sure that anyone who joins in on the fun will be welcomed in to a professional and secure environment. The future looks bright, but we want to take our time and do this the correct way!

All this to say, we hope Roaring Tulips Press’s catalog will resemble our logo: beautiful with a ferocious bite on the inside. Thank you so much for following along in our journey, and stay tuned for all the small, smart, and spectacular stories we have in store for you!


A Note on Submissions: We’re starting small, by publishing quality books with grand plans for the future. The day may come when we open our doors to general submissions, but that day is not this day. Feel free to follow us on social media for all the exciting announcements to come.

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