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The Inspiration for Spectacular Silver Earthling

Once upon a time, back when I watched a lot of Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters, it occurred to me to wonder, “What if a show like this took place in outer space?” The idea grew from there. I decided there should be two co-hosts, for all that witty banter potential, and they definitely shouldn’t both be human. What…

The Wild Hunt

When Canadian author Renée Gendron presented me with an intriguing idea—that we would each take our linked stories from the Heads and Tales anthology, edited by Chapel Orahamm, and turn them into novellas—I found myself staring at my monitor, head in hands. The story I was working with was a historical supernatural war story, the myth of…

What Is Roaring Tulips Press?

As the scope of publishing has changed over the past handful of years, Roaring Tulips Press came together with one question in mind: why do small presses not get enough love? Aspiring writers undoubtedly know about the “Big Five” publishing houses that have dominated the literary scene over the past few decades. With the way…

A Note on Submissions: We’re starting small, by publishing quality books with grand plans for the future. The day may come when we open our doors to general submissions, but that day is not this day. Feel free to follow us on social media for all the exciting announcements to come.


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