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ARK Horton is a small woman made of round shapes and long sighs. As the working mother in a family of five, her vice is hoarding responsibilities. Despite that, she spends a great deal of time pursuing her lifelong passion as a speculative fiction writer. Her stories range from dark and brooding to lighthearted and whimsical, but she always tests the limits of her imagination.

She began writing as a child because of her obsession with the most obscure fairytales, folktales, and myths. Now, she blogs extensively about them, and uses them as inspiration for her published works.

ARK Horton is the author of Struggling With the Current, Flirting With the Tempest, Racing With the Serpent, and Heroes & Harbingers, as well as a contributor to multiple anthologies. You can learn more about her at and find her work on Amazon and other online book retailers.


Astrid Knight is an author most well known for The Mages of Velmyra Saga, along with stories featured in In The Wake of the Kraken and Welcome to Simmins, Detective Spencer. They are also co-author of the upcoming Obsidian Archive series. When she is not writing, Astrid can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, downing copious amounts of coffee, and impulse buying candles online.

Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook @AstridKWrites


Craig Rathbone is a British writer based in rural Cheshire. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, he endeavours to put his love of writing to some kind of use.

A contributor to several anthologies, as well as podcaster and video game reviewer, he one day hopes to publish a work of his own. Of which there are many.

In his head.

Learn more about him at


David M. Simon is an ad agency creative director by day, writer and illustrator by night (and weekends). He writes for both adults and kids. His short stories have appeared in several anthologies. His first novel, a fantasy adventure for middle-graders titled Trapped In Lunch Lady Land, was published by CBAY Books in 2014. His work has also appeared in everyone’s favorite dentist office magazine, Highlights for Children. You can learn more about him at


Debbie Iancu-Haddad is a Jewish Israeli author living in Meitar in the Negev Desert. Author of Speechless in Achten Tan, a YA fantasy novel, and The Bone Master, forthcoming. 

She spends her time taking part in anthologies (seven to date with three more on the way), writing VSS on Twitter, and buying way too much stuff online. Her goal is to promote body positive characters and include characters dealing with physical challenges. #ownvoices

For her day job, she gives lectures on humor, laughter, yoga workshops, and chocolate workshops, and sees how often she can make her two teenagers roll their eyes. 

You can find out more about Debbie Iancu-Haddad at, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Speechless in Achten Tan is available on Amazon. Get it here:


Emily Ansell is a SF&F author, lover of the Oxford and all commas, and (over) user of parentheses. She lives in a small town in Canada with her family, both human and feline. Her work has appeared in the anthologies: Skullgate Media’s Tales From the Year Between Vol. 2: Under New Suns, Comic Book School’s Panel 2: The Time Inn, and Welcome to Simmins, Detective Spencer. You can find her at: or on most social media @latenitescholar.


A Filipino living in the UK, Imelda Taylor writes weird and wonderful stories, as well as heartfelt and cheerful. She gets inspiration from her two daughters’ antics, disturbingly vivid dreams, and her love of food and culture. Although she is a multi-genre author, her ultimate dream is to become a household name in children’s books, along with Julia Donaldson, Oliver Jeffers, and Rachel Bright. A lover of fantasy, folklore and history, her work can be found in several anthologies with the following titles: Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bones, The New Normal: A Zombie Anthology, Heads and Tales: The Other Side of the Story, and In the Wake of The Kraken: Pirate Tales From Across the Multiverse.


Jayme Bean is an independent author who enjoys writing stories that speak both to the wonders of the world and the highs and lows of the human condition. Inspired by her travels around the world and her career as a zookeeper, she writes using her experiences, lending a unique viewpoint to her works. Jayme calls the sunny state of Florida home and shares her life with her husband, son, and four cats. You can find her book Untouched at


Katherine Shaw is a multi-genre writer and self-confessed nerd from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, spending most of her time dreaming up new characters or playing D&D. She has a passion for telling the stories of underdogs who must rise up to defeat the hardships they have been dealt in life, often with a focus on female protagonists. She recently released her debut novel Gloria, a contemporary domestic thriller, and has already begun writing her next one. You can find out more at her website (, and she is always happy to chat on Twitter (@katheroony).  


Mara Lynn Johnstone grew up in a house on a hill, of which the top floor was built first. She split her time between climbing trees, drawing fantastical things, reading books, and writing her own. Always interested in fiction, she went on to get a Master’s Degree in creative writing, and to acquire a husband, son, and three cats. She has published three books and many short stories. She still writes, draws, reads, and enjoys climbing things. She can be found up trees, in bookstores, lost in thought, and on various social media. Learn more about her at


Thornton Gibson is the line and substance editor for Chapel Orahamm LLC. An avid writer and illustrator, he lives out on a busy homestead in no-man’s land Oklahoma. You can learn more about him at

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